IWFM TRACK is a particle tracking tool for the IWFM groundwater flow modeling software. IWFM ("Integrated Water Flow Model") simulates water fluxes in several components of the hydrologic circle with particular focus on groundwater flow. 

IWFM TRACK uses the computed by IWFM groundwater flow field to perform advective forward or backward particle tracking. IWFM TRACK can be used,  for example, to perform advective solute transport simulation tasks with IWFM, to identify well source areas, and to estimate travel time.  The code is written in C++ and compiled with Visual Studio 2017. 


Since IWFM runs natively under windows, we develop this tool for windows OS, nevertheless the code should be compiled under any other OS.

For the time being, the only dependency of IWFM TRACK are several components of the boost library. All but one of the required boost components are header only libraries. The code relies also on the boost program options, which requires a link with a compiled library. An easy way to build IWFM TRACK and its dependencies is via vcpkg.

The first step is to install vcpkg itself. The installation of vcpkg involves few simple steps1.

To build the IWFM TRACK you need to install the following packages by executing the following:

  • vcpkg install boost

  • vcpkg install boost-program-options

Binary files

If you don't want to build this from the source you can try the binary executables uploaded in the download section.

Copy both the executable and the dll in the same folder.

Make sure that the antivirus does not block the execution.




  • 1. Do not forget to execute vcpkg integrate install